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posted on 7th august 2018 by mireille harper

Nowadays, we only ever hear of the Beyoncés and Jay-Z's or the Kendalls and Kylies of the world, but the status of power couple isn't only reserved for celebrities. Here's our five creative power couples to inspire you!


1. Olga and Kay

Olga and Kay are two creatives from two different disciplines - photography and graphic design. By combining their skills and experience, the two have managed to work with the likes of Bright Ideas Trust and Westminster City Council, as well as ERIC - all this alongside working full-time and freelancing!


2. AxMxP Media

Chantelle Whitehead and Lauren-Montana make up the duo AxMxP Media, an independent two- piece media company based in South East London. Together they cover video, photography and events!

3. Pygmy Cloud

Couple Diana and Dave make up Pygmy Cloud, a brand of home decor, stationery, toys, plushies and accessories. The London-based duo design products for both adults (with a young heart) and children.

4. Nation of Billions

DJ Semtex and Marium Raja are the founders of Nation of Billions, an online content platform, visualised through the prism of young British creatives. As Editor-no-chief, Marium has curated an editorial team of writers, photographers, videographers and film makers to bring music and culture to people who love and live it.


5. Bossy LDN

Founded by Izzy Steven and Dhamirah Coombes, Bossy LDN are a music and fashion based creative platform and creative consultancy, who have worked with the likes of NTS, Ace Hotel London, and Converse. They also host networking events and support young and emerging creatives.



Written by Mireille Harper

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