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posted on 9th august 2018 by mireille harper

Creative offices offer a lot these days - foosball tables, breakout spaces, and of course, plenty of free friday drinks, but is theycould be doing? Here's our suggestions on what creative offices should offer to employees.

1. Meditation/Relaxation Rooms

Commuting is stressful and sometimes, before hitting your desk, you want to take some time to breathe and zone out. We think relaxation/meditation rooms should be a given in any creative office. A screen-free space to gather your thoughts before doing your work would be ideal, wouldn't it?


2. Crèches

Creative offices are supposed to be full of forward-thinking people who want a relaxed working atmosphere. With childcare being costly, why don't creative offices consider in-house crèches or nurseries? It would make working for new parents a much easier process!


3. Pet Spaces

Lots of creative workplaces have office pets, so why don't they just create pet spaces? Many people hate leaving their dogs and cats at home, so an outdoor pet space would be ideal for them to run around in. Statistics show pets boost work productivity too!


4. Sleep Pods

Working is tiring, and with the fast-paced demands of most workplaces, it's easy to get run down. If workplaces invest in sleep pods, this could put an end to the worries of coming into work hungover or after a busy weekend! A quick power nap could do the trick!


5. Outdoor Spaces

In cities, it's hard to find green spaces close to offices. Most workers have to resort to finding a local park. Creative offices could invest more in setting up in buildings with outdoor areas or build them themselves! A few plants and some natural light does everyone the world of good!



Written by Mireille Harper

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