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posted on 2nd august 2018 by Natasha moore

As Love Island's finale sends us into a flirtatious fluster, our attention turns to what will fill that binge watching void in all of our hearts? Well, I donned my creative thinking cap and put some suggestions on the table which should do the trick:

1. Queer Eye - netflix

For the days when we feel most like our trampish selves, what better way to have a pick-me-up than watch 5 fabulous men transform the lives of a soon-to-be fabulous people. Helping them in aspects of their lives including: food, fashion, culture, design and grooming. All I can say is make sure you have a pen and paper ready to take notes of what theses stylish modern day superheroes have to say. What sets this Netflix show apart from many others is its attitude towards breaking down barriers, the 5 men each identify as Gay and in addition to sharing their own views and stories within the episodes they help promote and project a sense of caring for and understanding others without judgment.

2. Westworld - now tv

Anything with Anthony Hopkins in it automatically demands my attention but what's extra special about this TV series is just how the fuck have they managed to couple science-fiction and western elements to makes this a juggernaut of entertainment?! This is creative imagination and execution at its finest. John Wayne eat your heart out! If you haven't watched the first series then make it your priority to because once you jump on this wild west bandwagon you won't want to get off! I'm not going to give the storyline away it's too complicated (too good), just give it a watch. You shant be disappointed yeehaa! Scriptwriters and casting I applaud you.

3. Black mirror - netflix

We all know about 'that' Prime Minister episode, and if you haven't then you're living in denial! Not that I recommend the show for (solely) that sort of carry on, but instead for the total mindfuck of an experience you're guaranteed to watch with any of its episodes. The creators flirt with danger, teasing the audience with elements and topics that have the potential to become reality. Their satirical unapologetic taste in visual and dialogue portrayal makes this show a psychological masterpiece. Anyone interested in writing, special effects, CGI, acting or directing then keeps your eyes peeled to this.

4. The Button - bbc iplayer

Now, whether you hate me for saying this or not, Goggle box never really did it for me. Why do I wanna watch some old fart murmur on about catchphrase? But put a tennis racket in that old boy's hand and I'm like putty in it too! In other words, watching a family play keep ups next to their precious wedding ornaments in the living room, or having granny try and fail at a backflip with the desperate attempt for the family to win max. £15,000 will definitely keep my attention. All I ask is where's the popcorn. If you ever want any ideas for inventive birthday party games then this is the show for you.


Written by Natasha Moore
- @hearandseek
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