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posted on 2nd august 2018 by Natasha moore

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Don't worry, I also don't have a have a clue who she is - or didn't until this I wrote this. We can all picture Margot Robbie in our mind's eye I'm sure, but who exactly is Margot James and why do creative people need to know about her?



She's a BIG deal. And any aspiring creative should know who's in charge of controlling UK creativity, right? She's the minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries since 2018 - which means she controls all the money allocated to the creative industries, creates new laws and rules around creativity and generally is the governments' creative puppetmaster. Urgh.


Where does she come from?

She's an Alumni of the London School of Economics studying Economics and Government and previous entrepreneur in co- founding Shire health group. This lady makes me want to crumple my CV up and cry endlessly into my pillow!


What has she done?

*Wipes tears from eyes*. So it's one thing having a good CV, but CV's tend to highlight past achievements. So what are Margot's biggest headlines?

  • Internet safety: one of her current aims is to make the UK one of the safest places to be online. One way is by advocating the implementation of an ipso. Sounds quite dry but when you think of Black Mirror, then suddenly running that Norton scan doesn't seem like such a lame idea after all. In all seriousness, online security is a really important area for continuous improvement. We should all make a point of staying safe online.

  • Preventing forced marriage: Her personal website mentions Margot's continuous support for the charity Karma Nirvana which provides advice to at risk to forced marriage and honour based violence.


what is she doing now?

You may be wondering what aims James has in store for the creative industries.

In a blog post she seems to have written which can be seen on the Creative Industries Federation website states that she is proud that the creative industries are some of the fastest growing parts of the UK economy. Since 2011, they've tripled the rate of growth if the UK economy as a whole the article shares.

  • BAME: "Talent is everywhere, but opportunity isn't always."The post mentions. She then writes that diversity is an area that she will always champion. The MP believes we can change the face of sectors which are lacking diversity such as fashion and design as she writes, with implementation of the Creative Industries Sector Deal.

  • Greater investment: Margot writes in the blog that there is a commitment to provide nationwide investment into the creative sectors. With the aim of expanding prosperity across the UK and not just concentrating it in any particular area.

  • LGBTOI+: As a member of this community the MP has advocated for the rights of its members. Examples include the backing of the plans for a LGBT museum based in London.

As we all know, actions will speak louder than words (particularly when it comes to politicians). But, as I myself work within the creative industry, I will in future pay MUCH more attention to her goals and achievements for this chaotic and fantastic sector of employment, I hope you do too. After all, it's good to know who's in charge to we can point the finger at them when things go tits up.



Written by Natasha Moore
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