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Posted on 2nd august 2018 by Rebecca Sander

1. Buyer

Shopping for gemstones like you’re Smaug or something is a great time to earn some coin. So if you’re an amateur geologist maybe you could try sourcing precious metals, diamonds, sparkly things, et cetera to be made into rings. Sounds like a sweet job!

2. Workshop Co-ordinator

Do you already know how to make jewellery and love teaching? Well, bring your talents to the common man and show them how to make gorgeous earrings and what not.

3. Lazer-Cutter

Make like Tatty Devine and or Lou Taylor and Make amazing acetate creations. Jewellery doesn't always have to be about the most expensive materials!

4. Social Media Manager

Because literally everything needs a social media presence now.

5. 3D Designer

Some jewellery companies need 3D renders of their designs to look for flaws, test things out, etc. So as much as jewellery making is a craft business, having a handle on 3D design programmes can also be beneficial in the industry.



Written by Rebecca Sander

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