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Posted on 1st august 2018 by Maddy Abela

Shoes. Everyone loves them. They keep our feet protected whilst looking hella fashionable. But we forget about the people that are involved in the process. So here are 5 jobs involved in making shoes that you might not have known about...

1) Natural dye maker

Some shoes are dyed with natural dyes, rather than chemical ones. The majority of natural dyes are made from plants like roots, berries, leaves and wood. Betcha didn't know that, eh?

2) Biomechanical engineer

Ever wondered how your favourite pair of shoes fits your feet so well and are just so comfortable? Thank the biomechanical engineers. They study the biology of feet and use that knowledge to help design shoes that are profiled to be good for your feet and comfy.

3) Wear tester

Similar to a biomechanical engineer, wear testers are secret angels. Okay, they are quite lucky because they get to test shoes for a living. But they've worn the uncomfortable shoes, so that you don’t have to so we have them to thank for that!

4) Pattern maker

Any sick pattern that you've seen on a pair of vans has been made and designed by a pattern maker. So, pattern makers are not only valued in the designing aspect, but production too.

5) 3D printer technician

You may remember Adidas launched their first ever 3D printed shoe last year, the FutureCraft 4D. In order to create that shoe, they teamed up with a 3D printing company called Carbon. Isn't that so cool, printing a pair of shoes!



Written by Maddy Abela
Instagram: @happydazexox

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