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Posted on 1st august 2018 by Maddy Abela

The title 'account manager' can be a tad confusing. What exactly does an account manager do? How does the role of account manager change within the creative industry? Well we're about to clear up the confusion and tell you that... well, the title 'Account Manager' never means the same thing. So actually, it's even more confusing than before. Uh oh.

In order to understand how being an account manager can differ depending on your industry, we are going to compare three account managers: music, fashion and public relations.


Music Account Manager

An account manager in the music industry has a huge responsibility. They look after a portfolio of bands, solo artists and sometimes even record labels.

Fashion Account Manager

An account manager in the fashion industry will do a variety of things. Firstly, the account manager will pitch new concepts to potential customers. Secondly, the account manager will be the key contact for any supplier trying to get in touch with a retailer. Complex stuff, I know!

PR Account Manager

An account manager in public relations, is super crucial. Why? Well they are responsible for managing a portfolio of clients. Account managers are essentially the shapers of the client's reputation and profiles too, no pressure!

So, what does this all mean?

Well, in brief, all account managers manage something. Whether that be a band or a retailer. The difference between different industry account managers is the type of account they manage; and in some cases, how they manage the account. Pretty simple when we break it down like that, right? So if you ever get offered a job as an account manager, never assume the definition!


Written by Maddy Abela
Instagram: @happydazexox

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