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posted on 18th July 2018 by mireille harper

It's festival season, and that means one thing - camping is on the agenda. If your worst nightmare is heading back from seeing your favourite acts - sweaty, smelly (and a bit drunk) - you definitely won't want your tent to be the same. Here's our hacks to make your festival tent feel more like home!

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1. Go Big

It may not seem like a necessity and it might be a fuss to put up, but a big tent is always better! If you want space to store your necessities - from toiletries to food to clothing - as well as space for you and whoever you're sharing with, a big tent is the way to go.


2. Deck It Out

Yes, you'll only be at a festival for a few days but why not make it homely? Invest in some blow-up additions like an inflatable mattress or sofa. For morning predrinks and afterparties, there's nothing better than having places to sit and chill (a lot comfier than a blanket on the floor!)


3. Light It Up

Don't want to struggle to find your tent on the way back? Invest in solar powered fairy lights! Rather than wasting your money on battery-packs or struggling to find an electric socket, you can be economical and eco-friendly by investing in solar powered fairy lights instead! You also don't have to rely on torches and phone lights when getting ready for bed too!


4. Bring Supplies

Everyone knows festival food and drink is a rip-off. With tickets as expensive as they are, why not come prepped with all you need for your stay? Pack a camping kettle, stove (if permissible) and bring a cooler for your frozen goods! With chilled drinks and cooked food, it'll feel like you're really on holiday and not in a muddy field!


5. Décor

Yes, it might seem a bit extra if you're only at a festival for a weekend but why not go all out? There's nothing like a personalised tent so pack your bunting, and maybe a bit of glitter to add some sparkle? Jazz your tent up and it'll feel like a cozy home in no time!


Written by Mireille Harper

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