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posted on 18th July 2018 by mireille harper

The UK is full of gorgeous buildings from the LABAN centre's colourful glass exterior to Kings Cross's iconic white criss cross ceiling to Brighton's Indian-inspired Royal Pavilion. However, there's no idea that there are some buildings which aren't quite so picturesque. These five might need some looking at!


1. Nova Victoria, London

Nova Victoria was voted the UK's worst building in 2017, and for good reason. The building won the 2017 Carbuncle Cup for the sixth year in a row, after one of the judges described it as "cringe-worthy". The building has also been referred to as "crass, over-scaled and a hideous mess". Harsh, but true.



2. Seeley Historical Library, Cambridge

Moving out of London, Cambridge's history faculty library is a bit of an eye-sore too. The building also took sixth place in 2014 for Britain's most horrible buildings! Perhaps students should study elsewhere!



3. Lincoln Plaza, Millharbour, London

Yet another ugly building award winner! The so-called 'luxury housing development', situated on Millharbour on the Isle of Dogs was referred to as "the architectural embodiment of sea sickness". We guess people won't be lining up for viewings in that case!



4. Preston Bus Station, Preston, Lancashire

As if Preston didn't have enough against it, it's home to one of the ugliest bus stations in the country. In 2014, the bus station, which has a Grade II listed status, was voted as the ugliest building in the Dead Prize (an award dedicated to ugly buildings). One voter remarked that the bus station's brutalist style reminded him of "concrete lasagne".



5. Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh, Scotland

We couldn't go without mentioning the Scottish Parliament Building, could we? Despite being inspired by an iconic Henry Raeburn painting, The Skating Minister, the building itself hasn't been lauded for its design. Not only is the building unattractive, it's frightfully expensive to maintain - since 2004, Scottish taxpayers have spent over $16 million maintaining and repairing the building.

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Written by Mireille Harper

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