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For as much as we love to binge on reality TV, it must be said that alot of these 'stars' do get a bad rep. From questioning the 'self-made' part of Kylie's Jenner's forecasted billionaire status to catching out that love is in fact dead when Love Island producer's have to re-take a snog scene atleast 20 times. Whether we love them or loathe them the reality is, they've all got a bit of creative know-how.

Let me tell you why...


Building their own brand

An elite group of these TV personalities make an empire out of their own name in the blink of an eye compared to some of the multi national conglomerates out there. The Kardashians' rise to fame in the last 10 years has probably done more for the U.S. economy than you may like to believe. From promoting spray tanning products to haute couture, they must be doing something right. You may argue they have no talent, but there certainly is a talent to making millions.

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Branching Out

A creative mind allows their imagination to run wild. And in doing so they can takes risks, venture into other territories, other entertainment platforms. Take the loveable Cardi B for example, after her social media uprise, a transcendence onto VH1'S Love and Hip Hop: New York followed. Let's not shy away from the waves she's now making in the music industry, with a billboard number 1 and over 28 million followers on Instagram you can see that being in a reality show shouldn't tarnish your credibility as a creative individual, and if anything it an promote it if you play your cards right.

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So the 'reality' they are showing may not be 'reality' as you or I know it, but it takes skill to fake it! Heck, if you're willing to  go to the extent of marrying a practical stranger to profess your unwavering love for one another then more power to you. With shows such as the bachelor, the bachelorette and millionaire matchmaker all springing to mind here.  Give them some credit, an Oscar may not be coming through the post anytime soon but if you're willing to pop out a child or two in the name of TV then maybe the Hollywood actors should be taking tips for you on commitment to the craft!


Staying relevant

It's one thing being a flash in the pan, but what's stopping you being dumped into the furnace? Relevancy! A key marketing quality is remaining current, remaining trendy. With so many reality shows out there now, it takes real creative thought and planning to punch above the weight of the wannabees. You have the one hit wonders, you know, the girl who pulled the other ones earrings out before fly kicking her in stilettos. But do we really care about her nail colour 5 years on? I don't think so. Staying relevant is an art. Some stars of reality TV have it mastered and others don't. I don't need to name names!


Next time we decide to trash talk trash TV, think again! It may not be so trashy afterall!


Written by Natasha Moore

Instagram - @hearandseek

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