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1. Thai Cave Boys

Definitely a story these boys will tell their grandkids as it seems like the media has already told the globe. We've heard of 127 hours, we've heard of The Revenant but this real-life story has all of us asking just how did these young adventurers survive? The world watched a thankfully miraculous recovery, the questions remain how did they survive for so long, what were there thoughts and feelings throughout the experience and just how complex was the rescue?

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2. Elon Musk - mission to mars or an autobiographical film

Is there anything this multi-billionaire entrepreneur can't do? From pioneering .com companies to electric cars, solar power and did I mention missions for human inhabitation of Mars. All in a day's works for South African born braniac. Inspirational to someone like me who can't even be bothered to tie my own shoelaces some day!. A story surrounding the inner workings of his mind would intrigue me as oppose to how fast he can race his Tesla around the race track (although that wouldn't be a bad scene in the credits, mind you).

Elon musk.jpg

3. To marry a prince (Harry and Meghan)

Princess Diaries eat your heart out, for America's favourite royalty romance is yet to be churned out of Pinewood studios. Fingers crossed their love story get's made, who knows maybe Meghan could even act as herself in it (my dumbest sentence of 2018)!

Harry Meghan.jpg

4. Spy Poisoning - The Plot.

Spy thrillers have always captured our attention. From James Bond to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, our interest is peaked when screenplay scenes are shrouded in secrecy. Although a clear difference arises between acting in Hollywood and attempted murder on the streets of sleepy Salisbury. Not to be taken light-heartedly this is a case the whole world would be watching with the upmost attention if given the chance to be portrayed in film.

Spy poisoning.jpeg

5. Facebook 'fesses up

We've had 'The Social Network', the rise of Facebook but what about its massive c*ck up that had Zuckerberg sitting like a scolded pupil in the principal's office otherwise known as the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees. Surely this blunder will become a blockbuster in the near future?

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Written by Natasha Moore

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