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1. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival was founded by gatecreashers!

In 1947, 8 uninvited theatre companies travelled to Edinburgh to perform at 'The Edinburgh International Festival'  - a performing arts festival. The companies literarily performed on the 'fringe' of this festival. And so it began! What's the diff between the two I hear you ask? Google it!

2. It's the world's largest arts festival

Not bad for such humble beginnings, eh? Spanning close to a month (over 25 days) and hosting over 53,000 performances. No wonder over 2.5 mill. tickets were purchased in 2017- I wish I was there! I could just go this year, right?!


3. The number of tickets sold for the festival's events are exceeded only by the World Cup and the Olympics

No guesses as to why ticket sales are totalling in the millions, with the quality of performers going up and up each year. Outranked only  for most sold tickets for an event by two rather low-profile sporting events.

4. Anyone can perform

You don't need to be a seasoned comedy veteran or street performer to entertain an audience. The principle of the festival is that it is open to all. So get cracking, I wanna see your unicycle gig pronto!


5. Some recognisable faces got a hefty foot-up the ladder of success thanks to the festival

Comedy award winners have included Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson. Rachel Weiz's won a Guardian Youth Award  for her improv 'Slight Possession'. Graham Norton made his sparkling presence known in the 1991 drag show 'Mother Teresa of Calcutta's Grand Farewell Tour' (what a tongue twister). The point is everyone has to start somewhere. And what's a better platform to launch one than the Fringe?

So, after that little crash course on one of Scotland's pride and joys, the question is now, are you inclined to go?


Written by Natasha Moore

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