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posted on 23rd July 2018 by Rebecca Sander


ERIC's private platform/safe space where anyone can talk about how fucking hard it is to get creative work. Share your experiences with impossible employers, difficulties with finances, ask questions to people who might be going through the same thing as you... No one is alone! 


Women and non-binary people supporting women and non-binary people is the best thing, people share job tips, lament sexism in the workplace, and generally support each other in a safe space.

Noisy Girls Club

Collaboration over competition is the mantra of this group, created by the editor of She Is Fierce magazine. It’s a great place to talk to magazine contributors, and network with other print people.

Female Founders in Retail

Okay so this list is femme-heavy, I get that, but this is a great place for entrepreneurs to share tips and ask questions about the world of being self employed, the month before the self assessment tax return deadline is an absolute hive of advice and comfort.

Queer Artists

Queer artists, boo! Shake off that heteronormativity and get inspired!

Writers group

Congratulations straight men, you can join this one! Get people’s advice and feedback if you’re struggling through something.


Written by Rebecca Sander

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