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posted on 23rd July 2018 by Rebecca Sander

Amalia Illgner

 Amalia is suing Monocle magazine after her she felt so exploited, working extra hours, no expenses, all bullshit.


Debora Tonet

Deborah started We Run This Interns, which is a great organisation and their new campaign “Unpaid, Unavailable” is helping young people know their rights.


Alec Dudson

Alec is Editor-in-chief of Intern magazine, which creates workshops and helps educate young people and get them into creative work, as well as highlighting young creatives doing exceptional work.


Natalie Berger and David Hyde

David Hyde was thrust into the spotlight when it came out that as an unpaid intern at the United Nations he was forced to sleep in a tent because when you’re not getting a paycheque, you cant afford things like, rent, and food. He later admitted it was a publicity stunt to highlight the obvious but continuously unaddressed issues surrounding unpaid internships. Him and Natalie Berger are now working on a documentary about the experience.



Written by Rebecca Sander

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