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posted on 23rd July 2018 by Rebecca Sander

Power suit

Regardless of gender, you’re a baller now and you need to look like one.

power suit.jpg

Actually paying for your own Netflix

Stop sponging of your friends brothers cousin, or in my case, your ex boyfriend you broke up with several years ago whilst living with your new boyfriend (please don’t tell him)


Actually paying your rent

Or helping put down a deposit on a flat with some pals, cos stable income = rent money


Some dope-ass ISA with a banging interest rate

Because saving for your retirement is the real baller move because all our pensions are gonna be

the worst.gif

Several hundred googly eyes

I did this and I did not regret, every object you own instantly has a personality, leave them on friends stuff when they’re not looking and freak them out.


One of those creepy living dolls faces

You can afford to be a pervert now congratulations, although if it’s a first paycheque I’m assuming you won’t buy buying the complete thing just yet.

Real doll.jpg

Nice plants

A totally different atmosphere for number 6 but once you manage to not kill a plant the addiction is real


The food that you need to survive

No more living off the ends of bread for you friendo


A wig

Get yourself a lace-front girl, maybe a matching merkin if you’re feeling it


Elf School

It’s a thing.

ELf school.jpeg


Written by Rebecca Sander

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