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Posted on 3rd july 2018


Who are you?

My names eerf evil, I'm a rapper/creative/social activist. In my daytime I work with young people for a youth charity called 'Leap confronting conflict' and I am an avid Arsenal fan. 

Your background?

My background stems from my parents being from Scotland and Ghana, whilst growing up myself in Croydon. 

Originating from South London I use my experiences growing up to influence the content of his music. Growing up in Croydon taught me a lot about myself, I knew from an early age that I wanted to discover more about life and different environments. Through my journeys I have been blessed with going to places like Peru, Ghana, Romania, etc and seen a different way of life and thinking. I use these experiences and the experiences of growing up in South London to direct my musical ventures. 

Your creative vision?

Im aiming to create a sustainable career in the music industry not only as a rapper but an influencer. I love the work I do with young people and for me that wont change. However to be given a platform to spread a message of getting more out of life is the vision. One of my lyrics 'This is calculated outcomes... Martin had a dream imagine living without one' encapsulates the idea that we all have dreams and it is up to us to make them happen. 


Instagram - @eerf_evil                                                       

Spotify & Youtube - Eerf Evil                                         

Phone - 07427653450


Your inspiration?

My inspirations that have helped me have been from family members like my brother who had led a very negative lifestyle and being my biggest inspiration I followed down the same path. However seeing him grow and have a family and change his direction helped me to see more than what my environment would let me. His passion for people filtered down to me and a dream is to see everyone grow and getting the best out of life. I also have to put down artists such as J Cole/Loyle Carner/Common/Akala, inidivudlas who stand for more than just rapping but also have a message behind what they say and project. 

Proud moments?

I think my proudest moment to date would be selling out our EP Launch and seeing the amount of people believe in what were doing touched me a lot this year. Before that there were two things I was extremely proud of. As a young boy my dream was to be a footballer, and I made it to academy level and played against Arsenal at the Emirates stadium. Secondly was when I decided to go to university and study Psychosocial studies, and knuckling down I came out with the highest grade in my class, and there wasn't much that could top that. 

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