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Posted on 11th July 2018 by Maddy Abela


But don’t know how you’d fit into that wonderful puzzle? Well let’s take a little look at which jobs are up for grabs in the reality television world...

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Now this profession isn’t obvious from the title but it’s super important nonetheless. An A2 (AKA an Audio Assistant) has the responsibility of making sure the right mic goes to the right person. You’ve got to be organised and know a thing or two about audio devices.


Casting director

Maybe this profession is a tad more obvious? But just in case you’re not sure, a casting director is involved in the early birth of a reality television show. Each year, Love Island has loads and loads of applicants and the casting director chooses who ends up on the big screen.



Reality television has scriptwriters too! Whilst not as scripted as a sitcom, for instance, there is still a loose plot and scripts that fuel the programme to make it entertaining.


Creative director

So, you may have heard of a creative director, but what do they actually do? Creative directors are the ‘big picture’ people. They organise a team of creatives and come up with ideas for how the reality television show operate conceptually as well as pitching ideas to broadcasters and sticking to deadlines.


Psychological therapist

Being the face of a reality television show can be draining, so most shows have a therapist on board to help the stars of the show cope with any stressful situations or issues that they face.


Executive producer

Are you good with money? The main role of an executive producer is to make sure the show is being made within the realms of the budget and essentially supervise the creative content that’s being made.


Broadcast designer

Among many roles, the broadcast designer has the very delicate duty of creating the title sequence of all your favourite reality television shows. Part of a broadcast designer’s job is to really hone in on the television shows’ brand and try and represent that with the opening sequence.

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Written by Maddy Abela
Instagram: @happydazexox

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