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Posted on 11th July 2018 by Maddy Abela

The world of fashion!

Ah, must consist of designers and models, right? Well that’s where you and I are very wrong. Here are 6 jobs in fashion you never knew existed...

1. Trend forecaster

Like a weather forecaster, this job is all about looking into the future and using patterns to predict what’ll happen next. Are you observant and have a good idea of what trends will be coming in? Then this is the job for you.


2. Fashion psychologist

What’s a fashion psychologist? Essentially, they are scientists who are trained to combat issues in the fashion industry for clients such as low self esteem. Don’t believe me? The London College of Fashion offers a degree in fashion psychology that enables you to practise different types of psychology (such as giving people therapy) too!


3. Runway Soundtrack Composer

Ever wondered who created the music that plays as models strut their stuff down the catwalk? Up until now, me neither. But it’s a super cool job. You get to compose the music that represents the fierceness of a fashion show as a runway soundtrack composer.


4. Fashion colourist

As a fashion colourist, you not only be able to know the difference mustard yellow and macaroni yellow but you need to be able to make colours too. In some cases, a designer will go to a colourist with a colour that doesn’t currently exist and it’ll be the job of the colourist to create that colour.


5. Fabric librarian

Does a fabric librarian read books? Not quite. Fabric librarians record information on which fabrics a certain designer has used and basically be a fabric connoisseur.


6. Product safety and compliance specialist

Whilst this profession may sound a tad boring, it is pretty darn interesting. But what do they do? This job entails testing garments for a range of different factors including durability and safety. Because no one wants a jacket that just falls about do they?



Written by Maddy Abela
Instagram: @happydazexox

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