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Posted on 1st august 2018


Who are you?

My name is Sivaranjith and I am a 22 year old with a creative mind.

Your background?

I come from a very orthodox Tamil family where academics is very important. I have a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

In addition, I do have a strong passion for photography and graphic design. Both help me think outside of the box and is definitely a natural skill set I’ve obtained.  

Your creative vision?

I want people to see my work with a third eye. I want to implement messages that range from personal emotions to social injustice. I want my work to represent the voice of people and to tell creative stories where they must pause for a second to grasp its meaning. In the upcoming years, I would love to meet more creative minds and seek new opportunities to help me create new and different projects in the world. I truly want to make a change with my ideas and work.

Your inspiration?

My inspiration is instantaneous and lies every where. I could be walking down a street and an individual may walk by me and instantly become my inspiration.

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It can be the way they present themselves, clothing, body language, etc. I don't like to limit myself to something specific, I let my eyes and the world around me guide me.

Proud moments?

I'm self-taught and developed my skills through trial and error. Therefore, every time I take a picture and edit it will always be a proud moment for myself.


Instagram - @ranjithxsiva                                                    

Youtube - ranjith siva



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