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What part of the brain?

Ignore the left side right side theory for a second. Creativity is a result of many different areas in the brain, a big one being the cortex aka the brains crown aka the thinking cap.

It’s quite small (less than ¼ inch thick) but it filters the outside world and is the home of our plans, thoughts and ideas.

It’s packed with nerve cells and holds 2/3 of our neurons.

What do these neurons do?

The neurons have a masters in communications and spend their time forming networks among the cells. The chat it up through electric and chemical signals, like thunder, it goes;




They do this individually to process information and then pass it on like an elite game of Chinese whispers. On their own they’re not the strongest but when they squad up this is what ignites the ‘brainstorm’ – get it?  

They work with spontaneity which is why we are imaginative and can generate new ideas.

Can you boost/improve it?



There are some super scientific ways to do this but really it depends on each individual. So here are a few different things that have helped people;

  • Creativity in the brain functions through spontaneity, so start by doing more spontaneous things. Expose yourself to new and different things.

  • Revisit old things

  • Eliminate distractions (cut off phone/internet etc. or meditate often)

  • Create distractions. Sometimes it helps to have a lot going on to allow your mind to wander and do its own thing. Remember when it comes down to it, the neurons make the links/separations for you


Written by Prisca Ntumba

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