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posted on 18th July 2018 by Natasha moore

I don't like the word lecture, it reminds me of that time I had a coughing fit in the middle of a physics seminar and went blue as Violet Beauregarde. So let's have a look for relatable... 'learning bites' instead...


1. Managing My Money For Young Adults

Yes, get the dry topics out of the way, as dull as it may be unless you're in love with your calculator. It's still essential to learn about the most fundamental elements of taxation.



2. School of Life

I always go to this channel on YouTube when I'm in need of a good cry. With videos on why we should be our own best friend starts popping up in your suggested list you know you're having problems! Kidding (help me)! In all seriousness this educational channel sheds lights on topics we as a  society find difficult addressing, a big focus being on self-awareness which I credit a lot. Their videos are definitely relatable and will give you food for thought, no doubt.

School of life.jpg


3. 11 Ways To Beat Procrastination

I'm too lazy to type out why we all need this one.



4. Why You Should Love Gross Science

most of us can relate to having a particular disliking to the aesthetically unpleasing, for some it's the sight of blood for others it's the touch of something slimy. Anna Rothschild explores this topic of conversation in such a way which might make us all look a little bit differently at squeamish sights and  pungent smells!



5. Why Do We Sleep

you can see why this one is particularly relatable I hope, this has been a question which keeps me up at night, until now that is. Surely you've wondered about this also?



Well, there we have it, I hope the above offers you some insight and useful advice. From sleep habits to money and self-reflection,  I've just given you a crash course in life 101! Now the question is do you have a head like a sieve or will you put thought into action?!


Written by Natasha Moore
- @hearandseek
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