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posted on 15th July 2018 by Rebecca Sander

Here’s how you bring your Netflix and chill game to the next level.

Film editing is for the perfectionists among us, once the director has shot everything it’s the editor’s job to make something Oscar-worthy. It can seem overwhelming pressure or an exciting challenge, but Escape Studios can help with more information and open days.

Do you have several opinions on Scarlett Johansen’s new film role [Link:]? Is RottenTomatoes one of your always-open tabs? Make your opinions into cold hard cash by becoming a film critic. It can even just start out as a blog; Girls on Film created a space for feminist critique of film when they were in university and now they organise events based around women filmmakers, giving them a chance to network, contribute and collaborate.

If visuals are more your thing then colour grading might be the way for you. Colour grading is in post-production, and is a way of telling a story with colour (think the visuals in Amelie or the greens and blues of The Matrix). Once you have the right software you can start learning the basics from Youtube, and once you start working freelance you can work from the comfort of your bed office if that’s what you’re into, I know I am.


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