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posted on 10th october 2018 by Mireille Harper


2010 was only eight years ago, but a lot has changed over the years. The iPhone was only a year old, web-friendly mobile phones was a new concept, and immersive experiences, scrolling and interactive websites were barely thought of. Fast forward, and things have well and truly modernised. In this age of digitalization, there are now more creative roles in the digital and technology industry than ever before. Here are some of these jobs you can do now that didn't exist back then, and the Escape Studio courses you need to be taking to do them.


1. User Interface Designer

It seems ridiculous, but ten years ago, UI designers didn't exist! Nowadays, this role is paramount to those working in Motion Graphics and UI design. To learn how to use industry standard software and to get to grips with the world of Motion Graphics, Escape Studios offer 6 week courses and 12- week evening courses, so you can learn more about this versatile skill.


2. User Experience Designer

Many confuse UI and UX, but they're very different roles. Whilst UI deals with the way games are laid out, UX designers are concerned first and foremost with how a product feels, and how gamers interact with this. If you're interested in giving gamers the best user experience, consider a Motion Graphics course, where you can work on UX design.


3. VR Specialist

Virtual reality is still a new and emerging market, but with immersive gaming becoming more popular, it's bound to rise. If you're interested in this, consider doing a VR course, or on a wider scale, doing a degree in The Art of Video Games. With courses boasting 3D Graphic Production to Animation, you'll be equipped for a VR role.


4. Content Manager

Lots of gaming companies nowadays rely on content creation and a solid strategy to ensure their business will survive in such a competitive market. If you're intrigued by the content side, why not consider a Storyboarding course, where you can learn how to craft an entire concept?


5. VFX Character Animator

Whilst VFX has been around for some time, with growing competition, the industry has become ever more competitive. Escape Studios now offers an Acting for Animators course in which future animators can learn how to get gestures, movements, expressions and postures right, to improve your work and your animation technique.

Written by Mireille Harper

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