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posted on 5th July 2018 by Natasha Moore

You have to be a little mad to start your own business, but then again a lot of us creatives are.

And thank goodness for that, for perhaps the trend in Ugg boots would have never materialised (I wish) or maybe the iPod wouldn't have made the Walkman look so noughties! My point is, I salute starting a business, so let me share some hopefully useful accelerators  to make your journey to success that little bit speedier:

1. Marathon Artists Labs

Whether your ambition is to make a product that will result in an AI x human collaboration on the songwriting front or you want to produce the newest evolutionary speaker systems, this team of advisors aim to provide the mentorship and facilities to make product-based ideas reality.

2. Creative Entrepreneurs

Geared towards startups across a range of creative industries from fashion to television to design, they offer advice on topics that help with the business side of the venture such as tax, accounting and drafting up business plans. All essential areas to study when starting a business of any kind, not excluding creative.

3. BBC Worldwide Labs

Offering a 6 month long accelerator programme, the aim is to provide industry connections, detailed knowledge and support for kick-starting a business which ideally sits within the crosspaths of digital and media.

4. Seedcamp 

Quoting "We back world-class entrepreneurs before their success is known to others. We don’t focus on any one sector ......". From an innovative way to sell vintage clothing online to an app that pays you to get fit. This accelerator aims to expand your vision on a global scale.

5. Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs

An accelerator to creative and design industry start-ups. In addition to direct funding, you can also gain office space and lectures tailored to helping you advance your specific business.

I hope the above list emphasises that help is out there if you really want it. What use is having a fantastic idea if you can't share it with the world? So get sharing, get accelerating!

Written by Natasha Moore
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