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posted on 5th July 2018 by Natasha moore

1. GoldieBlox

Sharing the stat of a 14% female: 86% male total no. engineers worldwide on their site, this forward thinking company seeks to provide job opportunity and gender equality across the fields of STEM. And it all starts many years before the child becomes the job hunter! With toys! Founded by Debbie Sterling, her aim was to create a line of engineering related toys that appealed to girls while exercising mock-skills which are essential to the industries of engineering.

2. Sanivation

Co-founded by Emily Woods and Andrew Foote. This innovative sanitation service turns waste product into fuel in East Africa. Sanitation is one of the globes largest contributors to mortality. This model has saved lives and in the process produced fuel which has gone on to reduce CO2 emissions and dramatically reduces deforestation.  More companies should take inspiration from this in my opinion.

3. Women Who Draw

An already underrepresented area of the arts in my opinion, illustration has been given a much needed shout out and in particular through this female founded directory has given female illustrators and artists the visibility they deserve. Founders: Julia Rotham and Wendy MacNaughton.

4. Saffron Records

As an all-woman workforce, this Bristol-born record label and Community Interest Scheme provides education and collaboration  opportunities for women in the music industry or for women looking to break into it. From sound production courses to artist development funding programmes, the label really acts as a platform to empower women, not to fill a gender quota but to ensure that a richness and diversity of music can be produced by providing everyone an equal chance at creating it.

I personally believe that any mind has the ability to create ground-breaking products and concepts on this planet. It's a shame that still to this day we as human beings can feel segregated, an example of which is by gender. I hope there is  a day where we don't have to acknowledge any gender more than any other.

Written by Natasha Moore
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