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posted on 11th July 2018 by Rebecca sander

Communication is key - Partnerships die when things are left alone for too long, and you may be an independent worker who likes to tick over by yourself, and there is totally space for that even when it’s a collaboration. The important thing is to keep your partner updated on what you’re working on and allow them to give you feedback and tweaks as you go.

Give each other space

When you’re collaborating on something you might be on top of each other for months, so it’s good to carve out your own space to get relief from your project and regroup individually. As well as stopping you from lashing out at each other cabin-fever style, it also stops you from living in an echo chamber where you’re getting all of your inspiration and insight from the other, forming a feedback loop.

Respect even the dumbest ideas… for a minute  

Pitching is hard, and when it’s a project that you’re really passionate about, even pitching to someone you are close to can seem really daunting. When you enter a partnership you’re committing to hearing the other person's ideas and opinions, and even if your gut reaction is to slow-blink and walk away, if you hear them out there might be a tiny diamond in that piece of shit of an idea.

Have some non-work bonding time

Partnerships are like relationships, they need nurturing. If you’re talking about the work and the collaboration constantly your personal relationship is going to get stale and problems can come from that. Even if you’re not best mates, and definitely if you are, schedule some time to hang out as just people, not partners.

Remember why you decided to partner

If you wanna do something creative with a person, it’s because that person has something that makes them rad. Working together is so difficult and you will fall out and might scream at each other and might subtweet mean things, but remember that rad thing that made you scream “we should do this!” because it’s still there and it’s how you’re going to get you project to the end.

Written by Rebecca Sander

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