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posted on 4th July 2018 by Mireille Harper

Affordable Tickets

Young Barbican provides 14-25 year olds with discounted access to incredible arts and entertainment. Every year, they offer over 50,000 tickets across art, film, music, theatre and dance for £5, £10 or £15, making it much affordable for young people!

Exposure to Arts and Entertainment

Not only does Young Barbican offer discounted tickets, all those who sign up receive a monthly Young Barbican email with recommended highlights, as well as exclusive events and creative opportunities.

Networking Opportunities

With creative events and exclusive events, Young Barbican members have the opportunity to meet and network with fellow talent, so whether it’s international theatre, major fashion and design exhibitions, or photography, young people will be sure to meet others with similar interests.


Young Barbican offers an array of sessions aimed at young creatives or aspiring creatives looking to break into the industry. With monthly talks, workshops and networking with industry leaders, the new generation of talent are given the chance to meet leading creatives and artists, and offered priceless advice.

Creative Learning Programmes

It can be hard to gain training, network and develop your skills if you’re working as an intern or navigating an entry-level role. Young Barbican has talent development opportunities across photography, programming, poetry and much more, offering young creatives the chance to expand their talents and passions .

Written by Mireille Harper
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