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Posted on 17th June 2018 by Nekquai Adeniyi

Like sharing cat memes? Into remixing and producing music? Do you like to blog, vlog, share links, create and watch parodies, livestream or use discussion platforms? Yeah? Cool! You can’t do that anymore.

Nah, you read that right. I said you can’t do that anymore. Since when, you ask? If I told you I was writing to you from the future, would you believe me? Probably not. So why don’t we use our imaginations instead? It’s Thursday, the 21st June 2018 and yesterday, a law that you weren’t aware of which drastically effects your ability to share creative content, was changed without your awareness. That is, of course, until you tried to share a link to your new YouTube video online (like you do every Thursday) and it got erased before your followers even got to see it. It’s also before you tried to livestream yourself playing Destiny on Twitch last night, share a parody video, write a blog post with outsourced links in it or hop on a discussion forum.

So, wtf happened?

Everyone’s been talking my ear off about bloody GDPR but mouths are sewn shut on the topic of this massive change in copyright law called the “Copyright Directive” which threatens to completely obliterate the way we use our internet! Erm... HELLO?!

Think it’s not a big deal? Think again, fam. Do you know how free you are right now? Creativity in 2018 is truly limitless... there is literally inspiration everywhere. People are connecting and sharing more online than ever before, inspiring the creation of new, awesome and unconventional careers. I mean, back in 2001, I’m pretty sure companies weren’t advertising for “social media promoters or managers” (was Instagram even a thing back then?) and if they were, they sure as hell wouldn’t have been as well paid or popular as they are now. Thank the internet for that! It’s had a massive role to play in this.

In case you can’t think of all the awesome things you’re able to do online, I’ve compiled a quick lil visual guide for your eager eyes:

  • Blogging on platforms

  • Sharing links

  • Sharing memes

  • Remixing

  • Livestream gaming

  • Sharing parodies

  • Code sharing on platforms

  • Discussion on platforms

Isn’t the internet awesome? Now. Imagine being told you won’t be able to do these things anymore... that’s literally what the EU is telling you... and on June 20th, unless you actively work to stop it, it’s gonna happen. Your use of the internet is going to be censored. Which will have a catastrophic effect on the way you produce, make, shape and share your creativity with the world!

I can hear some of you already... “but don’t we leave the EU in 2020 anyway?” Yes! But do you really want to spend two whole years without cat memes? I’m just saying...

So, are you gonna do something? Or sit on your ass and act like it’s not gonna affect you? Cos I don’t know about you guys, but I really don’t like the idea of being told what I can and can’t do with my creativity.

If you feel the same way, click here and help #SAVEOURINTERNET

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Written by Nekquai Adeniyi

Instagram: @_theageingyouth

Facebook: Niah Nekquai