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posted on 4th July 2018 by Natasha moore

It's tough work being you, so many demands from others, so many from yourself. How can you handle it? Here's how:

1. Yoga and Mediation

To be honest with you, I never use to take this idea seriously. I'd had many failed attempts of feeling completely at ease while becoming the newest human pretzel in the small room of twenty others. It just didn't seem to work. But time and time again I heard people promoting the peace-inducing powers of practiced posture. So perhaps there is something to it afterall. Even if you can't devote a full 45 minute session to mediation or yoga you can always check out YouTube or podcasts online to fit in the exercises for 30 minutes or less. It's a win win.

2. Sleep

We seem to have this attitude as a society that the more we get done the more content we will be with ourselves. Giving ourselves exhaustive lists that we just can't complete in the timeframe leads to less sleep and more tension as we stay up till the small hours to find we've only written one more paragraph. Key tip - sleep more = more productivity. You'll feel more energised, be more focussed and so perform much better.

3. Mood Boosting Foods

We've all had hectic days where we haven't ate properly and it has its side effects! You may become hangry, feel faint or worse pass out! All symptoms of a diet not nutritious or filling enough and so effects our performance which thereby effects our stress levels! Some foods to keep  you on track include: sweet potatoes, Bananas, Green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cabbage) and lentils. Eating food examples like these regularly and with an adequate portion size should tick one less worry off your mind I hope!

4. Socialising

We are social creatures afterall, as much as we all need our time to ourselves, so is true for the necessity to have a cuppa and catch up with your old workmate or friend from uni. You can't deny the feel good factor after a natter. Plus, simply venting out what's on your mind will be really beneficial in relieving stress and you may actually find that it helps you organise your own thoughts in a much more productive manner.

It's difficult to implement change, even if it is for the best. I can definitely stand by that, but perhaps taking even one of the ideas above and putting it to action may stop you from crying into your pillow on another sleepless night just a little bit! The best of luck!!!  

Written by Natasha Moore
- @hearandseek
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