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posted on 4th July 2018 by Natasha moore

1. The Great Escape - Music

You aren't escaping to Brighton pier for the smell of seaweed or for a seagull to steal your chips! Oh no, you're here for some music mingling! From guest speakers, live performances and tailored networking events, rest assured you'll gain something valuable from this day at the beach.

2. Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Live Performance and Entertainment

Not only is it a place to make contacts, you may even get the chance to perform at this iconic event (check out their site). Popularly known for its historic comedy acts, many start out performers sought out their big break here from cabaret to circus included. You could be next!

3. Hay Festival - Literature

Whether you're more of a reader, a writer or both, this Welsh hosted festival will ensure your visit finishes on a happy ending. From Q&A sessions with top writers and performers to chances to learn more about the festival's programmes and academies. Don't close the book on this one!

4. Move It - Dance

An electrifying atmosphere, combining live performances with the opportunity to mingle with other dancers and learn more about dance fitness, companies and classes. One not to miss for the dancers and spectators out there.

5. BFX - Visual Effects and Animation

Bournemouth bound thanks to its university, showcasing screenings, hosting masterclasses and featuring presentations are yet but a few of the fantastic opportunities to be had at the event. The animation  industry needs more events like this if you ask me.

As with any event, attending can be hit and miss, but perhaps the 5 above will be more of a hit for you?!

Written by Natasha Moore

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