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posted on 5th July 2018 by Rebecca sander

Particularly, in my experience as a creative university graduate (not a brag, I’m £60,000 in debt and I make most of my income washing dishes) it seems like people manage to magic these amazing jobs out of the dirt and don’t seem to be able to explain how they got there.

The dream of the creative career that actually makes you money and doesn’t make you want to kill yourself seems completely intangible most of the time, and then you see people on instagram who seem to get paid to swan around at movie premieres wearing trainers they got for free. Now full disclosure, I am not one of those people, so you might be thinking there’s very little point in listening to what I have to day, to which I would probably agree. But here is the best I can give you in how I got the opportunities I had, on my way to my first pair of freebies shoes (don’t actually like trainers to be honest but Dr Martens if you’re reading...)

Keep an eye on Twitter  

Follow the editors of the magazines you want to work for, as well as things like @viceukjobs and @mediargh (if that’s what you’re into ofc) and keep an eye on them for opportunities to intern or callouts for stylists/makeup artists last minute.

Use who you know like a grubby little shit  

Don’t actually do that. But if you have a mate that’s doing well or your mum knows someone in the field you’re working towards, just make your presence known to them so if they’re in need you might come to mind. It can be as simple as an email or a chat in the pub like “if you’re ever in need of a hand on a shoot/article/anything I’d love the experience and I’d like to think you know I’d work hard for you”

Seize literally any opportunity - even the ones that don’t suit you,

I mean as long as it’s not for the Tories or anything. Get that experience and get that money.

Don’t be a twat

Just be someone you’d hire, punctual.

Ask people how they found that job  

I literally only starting using freelancing websites (Upwork, Fiver, Contently) last month because my flatmate was talking about hiring freelancers at her company. Sometimes you can have the absolute dumbest blind spots.

Make your own job  

Collaborate with other creatives and organise your own exhibition, make your own music and host a night somewhere. The more I graft away, personally, the more I find no one in this world wants to give you any money or any time so you might as well do it yourself. And if you think I’m bitter before my time, just know that I was once told “we can hire unpaid interns to do the work you’re asking to be paid for, so why wouldn’t we do that?”

Written by Rebecca Sander

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