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Posted on 10th July 2018 by Maddy Abela

Everyone has their bad days and times when you feel down.

Don't worry, at ERIC we have those days too. And hopefully these mantras can remind you that you're fierce and that you've got this!


1. 'I have what I need to get through this'

When you're having a rough time, it's easy to have a defeatist attitude and think 'I can't get through this'. But you can! Your mind is powerful and you can deal with more than you think.

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2. 'Five years from now this won't matter as much as I think'

This mantra is perfect if you're experiencing anything from friend-drama to just a bad day. If it's not going to matter in five years' time, is it that important?

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3. 'I'm done striving for perfection'

There is absolutely no point in striving for perfection. Why? Because it's unattainable. Yes, you may think this celebrity is perfect and has a perfect life but newsflash- they are just like you.


4. 'This experience does not define me'

If you have made a mistake and are ashamed of it, that's okay. But remember that every mistake you make doesn't make you a bad person. You have the power to define yourself, so use that power.

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5. 'I'm right where I need to be'

Not happy where you are right now? That's perfectly normal. Sometimes, we have such incredible dreams but they feel so far removed from where we are now. So, it's important to remember that there's a reason you're where you are right now and trust in the process of your journey.

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Written by Maddy Abela

Instagram: @happydazexox

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