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Posted on 21st march 2018 by THE ERIC TEAM

  1. Most conversations you have with people always end up resorting back to whether Ronaldinho looks like Jar Jar Binks or whether Jar Jar Binks looks like Ronaldinho.

  2. You’ve already picked out ‘Serena (Williams), David (Beckham) and Tiger (Woods)’ as your future children’s names. 

  3. YouTube is constantly suggesting ‘How To Actually Score A Goal’, ‘How To Get Picked Off The Subs Bench’ and ‘Best Ways To Bribe Your Manager’ to you. 

  4. Your Spotify playlist is on constant repeats of ‘Eye of The Tiger (Rambo/boxing remix)’, ‘The National Anthem’ and ‘Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home’).

  5. You’ve set your ringtone, morning alarm and battery low ringtone to ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

  6. You queued up for hours outside of Waterstones to get a signed edition of Joachim Low’s debut: ‘How To Dig For Gold.’ 

  7. You got Ronaldo’s face tattooed on your left scapula for your 23rd Birthday. 

  8. You put all your life savings on ‘GotsTheTrots’, just to lose it all at the first hurdle of the Grand National. 

  9. You casually drop in sports lingo in everyday convo such as “foul play” when someone accidentally breaths down your neck when boarding the tube and “Slam Dunk” when landing the shallots in the grocery trolley.

  10. All your passwords are the middle names of ex-tiddlywinks champs. 

Written by Natasha Moore

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