10.30am - Welcome to ERIC Festival: 

MAE & SAM, ERIC organisers

10.40am - Interview: About the Music Industry

FAYE STOCKLEY, Recruitment Manager at Sauce Recruitment | MODERATOR: ALIM KAMARA, rapper, storyteller, poet & motivational speaker

Covering the five key areas of the music industry, we investigate the aims, processes, hierarchies, classic and unusual job roles, salaries and key influencers. All the basics you need to understand what you're getting into.

11.20am - Panel: How did I land my first job  

JACK DUNNETT - Stage Manager, STEVE PEARCE - Co-Founder of TickX, KANE D. RICCA - Creative Director & Choreographer | MODERATOR: JODIE MCCALLUM, TV presenter

Find out how these Millennials secured their first roles in music and how they got to where they are today. We reveal the truths, realities, perks and pitfalls of the industry.

12.30pm - Debate: Large vs small companies

Our panelists have the same jobs, but work in completely different environments. They battle it out to tell you why working in their company is great. Join us in the ring with our radio presenter referees, Gaby Power & Munya Chawawa.

Round 1: Record Labels

MAX BOFFEE - Partnerships at Warner Music |VS| MARCUS KNIGHT - Product & Marketing at Cooking Vinyl 

Round 2: Radio Stations

RYAN NEWMAN - Editor at BBC Radio 1Xtra |VS| BEN FAIRCLOUGH - Editor at Radar Radio

1.30pm - Digital + Music

 JAMES FABRICANT - Founder of Emoticast, DAN GUMBLE - News editor at MusicWeek | MODERATOR: TBC

How has the music industry changed in the past 5 years and where is it going? And most importantly, how can you use these trends, predictions and your own digital knowledge to progress in the workplace?

2.10pm - Warner Music: The hiring process

KIRSTY JONES - HR Business Partner (the employer), LUISA WALTON STOEV - Social Coordinator (the recently employed), LIAM WARD - Intern (the future employee) | MODERATOR: TBC

We're using Warner Music as a case study to show you an example of a full hiring process. We not only have the perspective of Warner as an employer, but you'll also be able to hear from someone who was recently employed by them as well as someone who has potential to be employe full time.

3pm - Success Story 1

GABRIEL SZATAN - DJ & Editor-in-Chief at Boiler Room | MODERATOR: PRIYA GILL, journalist & blogger)

Gabriel travels the world DJing - he does what he loves, has freedom to do what he wants creatively and gets paid for it. But he's losing his hearing. How does he cope?

3.30pm - Success Story 2

PIERRE GODSON-AMAMOO - Co-Founder of GRM Daily & Liberty Mount | MODERATOR: PRIYA GILL, journalist & blogger)

Pierre set up one of the most successful online digital grime publications in the UK. We're looking back at his journey and finding out what's next for him.