We have two core ethe behind everything we do as a brand:

  1. The information we’re providing should be as accessible to young aspiring creatives as it can be. This means all our events are free to attend, they are held on either Saturdays or Sundays (no time out of school or university) and we tour around the UK to ensure as many aspiring creatives as possible can reach us.

  2. Our festivals are designed for young people, by young people. Our audience is at the heart of everything we do, so they should have an enormous input on what content we have at the festival and how it looks. We make sure to hold focus groups with our audience regularly and we have a ‘young committee’ who advise us on many of our decisions.



ERIC Festival is a revolutionary new type of careers fair, designed for young people, by young people. Our festivals educate aspiring creatives on the realities of the different creative industries, the breadth of jobs within them and provide relevant advice on how to get your foot in the door. All of this is communicated through an event that defies all traditional 'careers fair' expectations. Our events are like festivals - engaging, exciting, immersive and most importantly, reflects the dynamism and creativity of the industries we're providing information on.


ERIC is a concept created from first hand knowledge and experience of trying to break into the Creative Industries. The inaugural ERIC Festival was created in November 2016 by Mae and Sam, two friends who always wanted a creative career but like many others, encountered a number of different barriers when pursuing those careers. As a result, both girls fell into industries and jobs they didn't enjoy and felt unfulfilled and angry at the lack of help they received. At breaking point and with encouragement from each other, they quit their jobs in accounting (Mae) and technology (Sam). They now run a successful video production company in London, but they recognise they would never be where they are now without the motivation and encouragement from one another.

Mae and Sam are appalled that there is still a lack of relevant and engaging information on how to break into the creative industries and are adamant they can disrupt this tradition. Their passion is reflected in the content and atmosphere of the event and their determination to let young people have their say on what is missing in creative education. ERIC Festival is created for young people, by young people and it will change the Creative Industries for the better.